TEL: (204)691-9950  |  157 Provencher Blvd. Winnipeg MB R2H0G2

please place an order one day pirior to the date you wish!!

 email us your order!

please pre pay your order by phone (credit card) or at the restaurant.

‚ú®Onigiri Catering‚ú®

Onigiri is a rice ball and this is one of Japanese soul foods that we pround of. Onigiri tastes really good in both cold and warm temperatures and use hands to eat them. please dont use cutlery or chopsticks ...feel it by your hands and taste it..  We highly recommand onigiri for party scenes for sure your people would loooove them!  Also we offer various stuffings of onigiri. Most of them are Dwarf no Cachette originals! MUST TRY!!!


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